Why partner with us ?

AT(TM) Legal Entity AAPAI Technologies partners have the expertise to maintain the high levels of satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery that AT(TM) customers expect.

Built just for you

partners play a critical role by building, extending, customizing, and enriching our technology platforms to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that meet the exacting needs of customers all over the world. Each partner brings its own unique blend of expertise, skills, and services to deliver the solution you need and act as your trusted advisor today and into the future.

Quality built in

AT(TM)partners must adhere to stringent requirements across all areas of their business operations, solutions, and services. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re working with a partner that is not only endorsed by AT(TM) but also continually monitored and evaluated.

Best in breed

Unlike other partner programs, AT(TM)rewards and measures more than just revenue performance. Our programs also incentivize partners on those things that matter most to you such as customer satisfaction, quality, and skill level. This creates a culture that places a strong emphasis on building customer relationships and not just closing deals.

Keep it local

For some of you, working directly with AAPAI may not be practical. This is especially true of our small and midsize (SME) customers. Simply put, working with a partner who is nearby, understands your local market, speaks your language, is embedded in the culture, and can easily navigate local regulations might be the ideal choice.

What You do...

Solution sales

They act as your trusted advisor and have unique experience in specific industries, while many are experts meeting the needs of small and midsize customers (SMEs). They help you identify the best solution to address your challenges and the deployment model that aligns to your business objectives. They can also provide ongoing maintenance and support services, and help you extract maximum value from your investment in AT(TM) as your needs change and your company grows.

  Solution building

Next-generation solution which connect technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, and mobile solutions, these AT(TM) partners help propel companies like yours into a new digital world. It is because of these partners that the unique needs of many businesses can be met, and innovative ways to run and grow your business are realized. Partners who build AT(TM)solutions extend our technology and functionality and make it more powerful and relevant to more businesses.

Solution hosting

Many companies are moving away from on-premise solutions towards hosted solutions that are managed and run by third parties. Our partners are here to help host, manage, and run your AT(TM) solutions and IT infrastructure on your behalf. This can help free up resources and redirect finances towards high-impact growth strategies.